General Faq

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Can I cancel my subscription?

flipGyan allows you to cancel your subscription any time you want. You can also upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan with ease.

02. Do I need a server to run flipGyan?

No, you do not need a server to use flipGyan, you can simply select the plan you want and everything will be setup in minutes.

03. Can I get flipGyan on my own server?

Yes. You can opt for your self hosted version of flipGyan, just reach out to us at

04. Can I upload video/audio/files on flipGyan to be used by my students?

Yes, flipGyan allows you to create your course content however you want, videos, audios or files anything you want.

05. Will I have my own branding for the solution?

Yes. Once you signup and choose the plan the solution is deployed with your own brand name.

06. Can I conduct online classes with flipGyan.

Yes. You can conduct online classes with flipGyan with ease, in fact flipGyan's virtual classroom is one of the best out there.